About Classic Fly Fishing

Started in 2016, Classic Fly Fishing Adventures seeks to provide high quality experiences for our patrons that focus on connecting people to their natural world and fostering a love of fly fishing.  At Classic Fly Fishing we are proud of or exceptional customer service and the ability to work with clients to build the adventure of their dreams. We specialize in walk and wade experiences that are designed to connect you to the world around you.  Fishing these smaller creeks and streams that are too small for boats allows you to fully appreciate the relaxed nature of fly fishing.

Our head guide, Steven Craig has guided all over Alberta and British Columbia and has experienced it all.  He is well known for his commitment to ensuring that clients have a wonderful experience that will keep them coming back to the sport that we love so much. Ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time is a primary area of concern for us. That’s why we ensure that we maintain all of our first aid certifications as well as ensuring that all trips are fully insured so that you can focus on enjoying your day on the water and making new memories.

At Classic Fly Fishing Experiences we believe strongly in protecting our natural ecosystem.  That’s why we are 100% catch and release. We also ensure that we use ethical fish handling techniques designed to persevere these amazing environments for future generations.  We pride ourselves in our leave no trace ethic, always striving to leave the area better than we found it. We are excited to share these pristine pieces of our world with you and help to foster a love and appreciation of the natural wonders in our own backyard.

There are few things more important to us than the preservation of public lands and the conservation of animals and fish that call those places home.  Many of our trips occur in areas that have been protected as conservation sites. We are pleased to partner with Trout Unlimited Canada to continue to support this work with $25 from every trip being donated directly to Trout Unlimited.  Trout Unlimited is well known for it work in repairing and restoring our natural riparian habitats through planting and restoration work all over North America. Supporting this work is our way of giving back to groups that do so much behind the scenes to ensure that hunters, fishers, hikers, and everyone who enjoys the outdoors can continue to do so for generations to come!