COVID-19 Update

May 2, 2020

Here at Classic Fly Fishing Adventures we wanted to update you on our commitment to the health and safety of our customers. With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are continually monitoring updates from the Alberta/Canadian governments for service status, and World Health Organization for precautionary measures.

We look forward to getting you back on the water, we are implementing some precautions of our own to make your Guided experiences safe, enjoyable and ultimately a great way to spend time outdoors.

We commit to the following:

  1. All guide days will begin by meeting our customers at the designated river location or pre-determined meeting location.
  2. There will be no shared rides. Each customer must arrive in their own vehicle. 
  3. All rods and reels will be sanitized thoroughly after each use with disinfectants. Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout your trip.
  4. All meals will be purchased commercially and will be brought in sealed individual packages (no sharing of foods required).

What can you do to help:

  1. Ensure that you are healthy.  If you are sick or have had symptoms in the past 14 days we will work with you to rebook your trip to a day when you are well.
  2. Recommended that guests bring their own equipment for the day. If you require the use of equipment we will provide a sanitized rig for you to use and enjoy.
  3. Use of buffs or face masks is mandatory when physical distancing can’t be maintained (eg when working on fine tuning casting).
  4. Bring your own reusable water bottle to reduce the impacts of plastic waste on the planet
  5. Bring your own hand sanitizer, mask etc 

We are lucky that our days are spent outdoors. All guiding can easily be done from a safe distance from each other. A guide day can be effective and enjoyable on the river with good social distancing. We are in tune with all Government alerts and will stay up to date with all new upcoming information.

Cancellation of Trips Booked

Refunds on cancelled trips will not be available in a timely manner due to the exacerbation of funds due to Covid-19 effects on our tourism business. For those who definitely cannot follow through with their guided adventure dates we will do our best to either refund the deposit portion of your trip or gladly move your dates ahead to a time when life returns to normal.

Investing in the Future

Purchasing gift certificates is a direct and safe way of helping tourism based companies weather this storm.